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There are Six Editions available at the moment - each one has its own distinct character and a full description of each is available at theon-line shop page.

Chivas Brothers introduced The Cask Strength Editions single malt whiskies as an exclusive line for our customers to purchase in our distillery shops.  Over the past three years the exclusive releases have become so popular, we have now made them available online.  

What is
Cask Strength

Will there be
More Releases?

What is Cask Strength Whisky?

This is whisky drawn straight from a cask that is non chill filtered or been reduced in strength. Many single malt and blended whiskies are usually bottled at 40% alcohol.  But with each Cask Strength Edition bottled at its natural strength varies from batch to batch.  For example The Glenlivet 16 year old bottled in 2004 was 56.6% but the latest batch in 2006 is 59.7%.  This makes each batch quite unique and is close as you get to experiencing a dram of whisky straight from a cask!

Will There Be More Releases?

Yes, the latest release is from Glenburgie Distillery and will be available for sale in the very near future.

One of our most recent additions to the Cask Strength releases is Scapa 14 year old.  Scapa is only one of two distilleries on the beautiful northern island of Orkney and is the only ‘island’ malt produced by Chivas Brothers. 

We will continue to search for special casks from the cellars of Chivas Brothers to add to the exclusive selection of Cask Strength Editions already available so please let us know if you wish to be informed of any new releases

Why Cask Strength Editions?

Cask Strength Edition Whisky Range

We created the Cask Strength Editions to provide our customers with an exclusive selection of our single malt whiskies at an affordable price.  The Cask Strength Editions are a perfect choice for gifts or to experience whiskies not readily available at a particular age or distillery.

Strathisla Cask Strength Edition

Longmorn Cask Strength

Scapa Cask Strength Edition

The Glenlivet Cask Strength Edition

Glenburgie Cask Strength Edition